The Importance of Proper Data Cabling

Data and phone cabling is essential to any office space. Without proper data cabling, office functions can slow down and even come to a halt. For instance, if your business's data cabling is not designed to handle large loads, it can be overloaded in high-capacity situations. Data cabling is also important for homes, especially where many people have data requirements. In this case, the cabling should be designed to support the family's data needs. [Read More]

Make sure your business access control system has the following features

Access control is becoming an essential security practice for most businesses. In an effort to protect people and property, more companies are overhauling their traditional locks and replacing them with an integrated access control system. These systems may feature a keyless entry framework with centralised control or automatic locks that are programmed to control doors during certain hours. Regardless of the specific product you choose, make sure your new access control system has the following essential features. [Read More]

Connecting Two Offices When Wi-Fi Won't Reach

When businesses expand, they will often move on to larger commercial premises. In many situations, however, the main office will continue to operate as normal and the additional space will be found nearby in a satellite office. If the two premises adjoin one another, then connecting the IT infrastructures should be relatively simple. If they are separate from one another, then you may need to consider how data communications will operate between the two spaces. [Read More]

Starters and Leavers: 2 Policies That'll Prevent Cyber Data Leaks at Your Business

If your business makes use of technology to store data, then you need to make sure you have comprehensive cyber security in place to prevent data leaks. Starter Policy: Drip Feed Access Setting up a new employee can feel like a slow and laborious process sometimes. Some businesses try to get the ball rolling quicker by giving starters the same IT access as their predecessor. Unfortunately, doing this can put your data security at risk. [Read More]