5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Licensed Electrician

Most people opt to hire services of a non-licensed electrician for half the price compared to a commercial electrician. Initially, this will appear to be cost effective but later will lead to additional maintenance and repair cost. Non-licensed electricians do not take the time to survey and examine the problem. The additional cost will arise when the job is done poorly within a short time to maximise on opportunities from other clients. This article will sum up some of the important reasons why you need a licensed commercial electrician for your projects.

Vigorous Training

A commercial electrician is certified by the state after a vigorous training. The training ensures that they have skills and experience to handle different electrical faults at residential and work places. It is dangerous for an unqualified contractor to manage the projects. In the long run this is what differentiates an experienced from a newbie who is likely to make errors on the job.

Complete Update of the Local and State Codes

Regulations are put in place to ensure proper function, installation and safety. It is a requirement for any commercial electrician to conform to the set laws of operation. A license also proves that the project is verified. Therefore, contractors will have high-quality property and services to offer their clients.

Electrical Insurance

Non-licensed operators are likely to pose a threat to your financial security. They are freelance workers. Therefore, most of them are not insured in case of any harm when carrying out their duties on your property. In the event of an accident, you will be held liable. A commercial electrician is insured by the company as it is a requirement. This enhances security both for you and the contractor.

Electrical Warranty

A good commercial electrician gives his or her clients electrical warranty. This will guarantee accountability in case the services delivered does not satisfy the customers. You will also be assured of proper functioning for the gadgets installed or repaired during a given period. The warranties vary with the type of service offered.


Aside from providing their contacts, electrical contractors ensure that they are available during the required time. A commercial electrician operates on a professional schedule which is recorded with the company. Therefore, you are guaranteed of their availability when needed.

Finding a reputable commercial electrician can take time. However, it is worth it. You need to consider their experience, ratings and quality of services before hiring to ensure that their skills match your needs.