Make sure your business access control system has the following features

Access control is becoming an essential security practice for most businesses. In an effort to protect people and property, more companies are overhauling their traditional locks and replacing them with an integrated access control system. These systems may feature a keyless entry framework with centralised control or automatic locks that are programmed to control doors during certain hours.

Regardless of the specific product you choose, make sure your new access control system has the following essential features. 

1. Key fobs instead of traditional locks

It goes without saying that traditional locks for businesses have become outdated. The constant handling of large key chains, keys getting lost and possibilities of theft all contribute to the inefficiency of traditional locks.

To make your business more secure, replace these locks with key fobs. Key fobs may be cards that employees use or codes that they punch into an electronic lock in each room.

Key fobs make it easier for you to keep track of who accessed a specific room and at what time. You can also program fobs on the fly, adjusting access to certain rooms with the click of a button.

2. Room access according to privilege

In your business, you probably already have restrictions for who can access specific rooms. Rooms such as safes and stores may only be accessible to senior staff, while data centres and other equipment rooms may only be accessible to authorised maintenance crew.

Therefore, your access control system should be easily adjustable for providing privilege as necessary. Restricted areas should only be accessible to specific persons, and their entry/exit to those areas should be closely monitored.

Make sure your access control system has a control panel where all these settings can be adjusted as necessary.

3. Multiple door control via a centralised software platform

There are times when you may need to unlock multiple doors at once within your business. For example, when you have visitors on your premises, or if an emergency occurs, you need an access control system that can unlock multiple doors with immediate effect.

Therefore, consider installing a system that can access multiple doors and control their locking/unlocking mechanism from a centralised, yet secure platform.

4. Integration with security systems

Your access control should easily integrate with your security system. Remember that access to your doors and locks is closely tied to the state of security in your business.

If any unauthorised breach occurs with the doors/windows of your premises, a notification should be sent to your surveillance cameras, alarms and other integrated security features. In this way, you can respond to active security threats in a timely manner.