Make sure your business access control system has the following features

Access control is becoming an essential security practice for most businesses. In an effort to protect people and property, more companies are overhauling their traditional locks and replacing them with an integrated access control system. These systems may feature a keyless entry framework with centralised control or automatic locks that are programmed to control doors during certain hours. Regardless of the specific product you choose, make sure your new access control system has the following essential features. [Read More]

Starters and Leavers: 2 Policies That'll Prevent Cyber Data Leaks at Your Business

If your business makes use of technology to store data, then you need to make sure you have comprehensive cyber security in place to prevent data leaks. Starter Policy: Drip Feed Access Setting up a new employee can feel like a slow and laborious process sometimes. Some businesses try to get the ball rolling quicker by giving starters the same IT access as their predecessor. Unfortunately, doing this can put your data security at risk. [Read More]

4 Requirements of Data Cabling Locations

People who are planning to perform a DIY data cabling project, such as expanding the existing network to a home extension, need to think carefully about the locations where the cables will run. This article discusses some of the attributes of the best data cabling locations which you should consider during your project. Absence of Water Infiltration You should avoid locations that have a chance of water infiltration when you are laying data cables. [Read More]

Need a New Colour Photocopier for Your Office? Here Are Three Reasons to Lease Instead of Buy

Lease or buy? It's a question that most people will associate purely with cars, but it's actually something you should be asking yourself when you're looking for a new colour photocopier. The idea of leasing a photocopier might sound a little odd, but there's a reason why it's a relatively popular option. Here are just three reasons why it makes sense to lease your next colour photocopier. 1. Spread Out the Cost [Read More]