How Various Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Whiteboards

Whiteboards have transformed the way people communicate; you can take teaching to a higher level, you can brainstorm and craft without prohibition and change your mind in a couple of minutes. Having said that, the mobile whiteboard allows you to take your ideas while on the go. In this regard, let's look at a number of creative ways one can use a mobile whiteboard.

Fashion design

One of the great ways to achieve a competitive edge in the fashion business is to ensure you are using the most effective design instruments. A mobile whiteboard is one such fantastic tool for fashion designers. A typical mobile whiteboard consists of wheels that allow for movement from room to room. Thanks to these boards, designers can use dry erase markers, grease pens or even permanent markers to make their design sketches. Besides, you can also make alterations as necessary. The best aspect of the mobile whiteboards is that the transparent glass allows you to simply get measurements from an actual model, and draft a life-sized representation of the clothing.

Sales presentations

Sales agents are always in search for ways to make their presentations memorable in order to attract new clients. By using a mobile whiteboard, clients are more likely to remember you as well as your marvellous pitch representation. Consequently, this will lead to more deals or sales.

Sports strategies

Coaches in almost every game have long used the blackboard to pass on tactics to the players. Today, the mobile whiteboard has taken it to a whole new level as the coach can wheel the board out to the training pitch, back into the dressing room and pack it up and go with it home to help come up with new coaching lessons for the next day.


Teachers who teach biology and anatomy subjects are always struggling to find the best means to showcase the human body. Teachers can take advantage of mobile whiteboards for life-sized demonstrations. You can rest assured that your students would marvel at seeing a complete human anatomy image as well as where each organ is placed. This will certainly introduce a whole new perception on the subject.


Restaurants typically have specialty items or specials that may vary from a day to another. Mobile whiteboards provide a conspicuous surface to write the day's menu or happy hour details. Position your whiteboard in a strategic place in the restaurant so that customers may simply look at the set menu or specials.