Want a Security System That Can Actually Recognise You?

The very concept of home security systems is rapidly changing as technology improves their efficiency. While the traditional monitored home alarm system is still effective, there are other, more advanced ways to protect your home. What about a type of system that can detect when someone actually enters your home? And not only that, but it can also know who that someone is. A facial recognition system is easy to install and set up. But how does it work?


The installation itself couldn't be easier. You simply place it in a location where it can see your front door and turn it on. There are some variances in how it looks, but it's generally a small box or tube with a camera. Naturally, the camera needs to be trained on the front door. But what does this small device actually do?

Facial Recognition

The camera acts as a scanner. It scans the faces of absolutely everyone who enters your home. It can then be configured to recognise specific faces. You can add authorised persons via a smartphone app, and this would generally be you, your family, and any friends who are frequent visitors.

Authorised People

So when an authorised person enters your home, the system registers their presence and recognises them. It can certainly log this information, but it doesn't need to notify you via the smartphone app since these people have been pre-authorised. But what about when the system detects an unrecognised face?


This is when the security aspect of the system comes to life. It sends an immediate notification to your smartphone. You can actually look at the image and see if you know who the person is. It might simply be that a family member has brought a friend home; a friend who is not registered with the system. Obviously, no further action is needed.

Unrecognised People

But if the system shows you a totally unrecognised person who has entered of their own accord (broken into your home), then you can immediately notify authorities that your home is potentially being burgled. Not only do you know about it the moment it has happened, but you also have caught the offenders on camera. This is invaluable when you go on holiday and know for a fact that nobody should be entering your home until you return.

For full protection, you would need to have a unit trained on each door of your home, but this is of course possible for an extra fee (and they can all run via the same app). Many security companies now sell these nifty systems, and it's an unobtrusive and effective way to protect your home.