Five Reasons Business Should Use VoIP

Internet protocol communications are widely used by nearly all Australian businesses these days for passing data back and forth. It is the preferred communications system for internal networks, or LANs, as well as when data is sent over the internet. In addition, it can be used to handle voice communications these days. Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, business systems are becoming increasingly popular today. Read on to examine why you should consider adopting VoIP communications for your enterprise.

VoIP Lowers Call Costs

When you make a traditional voice call from a business phone system, you must access the public telephone network. Commercially, what this means is that you need to pay for a phone line and then receive a call charge for each time you use it. Although local calls are relatively inexpensive, international ones can soon mean that you are spending a great deal. So long as you already have a data communications connection in place for internet access, a VoIP system allows you to use this system for voice calls without charge. You might even find you need to pay for fewer phone lines in the end, too.

Be Accessible Anywhere

With a VoIP system, you can be reached by your key clients and new customers no matter where you happen to be. For example, a call for you might come in on your main business line, which cannot be transferred to you if you are in another part of the world. However, if your receptionist has access to VoIP services, then he or she can relay the call over the internet to your PC or VoIP-enabled telephone without any problems.

Ease of Upgrading

With a properly commissioned VoIP system, it is still possible to use a conventional telephone without the need to upgrade all of your telephony equipment. A VoIP converter, sometimes also referred to as VoIP telephone adapter, can plug into any PC which has internet access. A VoIP converter resembles nothing more complex than a USB memory stick. It simply converts the signals from a conventional phone into digital data that can then be routed over the web.

Video Conferencing

With a VoIP system, you have everything you need in place to make video calls as well as speech ones. This means that virtual business meetings become much easier to handle and three, four or even more callers from around the globe can all see and speak to one another without needing to hop on aeroplanes.

Future Proofing

Lastly, it must be said that VoIP is the future of telecommunications. If you are not investing in this technology, then you may be getting left behind by competitors who see its potential.

For more information about VoIP and other phone systems, contact a phone service in your area.