Need a New Colour Photocopier for Your Office? Here Are Three Reasons to Lease Instead of Buy

Lease or buy? It's a question that most people will associate purely with cars, but it's actually something you should be asking yourself when you're looking for a new colour photocopier. The idea of leasing a photocopier might sound a little odd, but there's a reason why it's a relatively popular option.

Here are just three reasons why it makes sense to lease your next colour photocopier.

1. Spread Out the Cost

If you're only going to be copying the occasional document, you probably won't need a very expensive model, so you won't face any huge upfront costs. However, most modern commercial colour photocopiers are very sophisticated. They don't just copy, they also work wirelessly, include cutting-edge security features, and provide numerous printing options.

As such, modern colour photocopiers are generally very expensive, and the upfront cost of one can place an incredible financial burden on a small or medium-sized business. Even if you get to pay in instalments, which isn't always an option, your costs will be high since what you pay will cover the entire cost of the machine. In contrast, leasing deals always work at monthly rates, and those rates will be relatively low since you're only paying for the amount the machine's value will depreciate when it's with you.

2. Enjoy the Latest Features

As stated above, modern colour photocopiers are significantly more advanced that models from just a decade or so ago. However, they aren't done. With each year that passes, technology advances and new features are added. You'll likely benefit from superior print quality, security, and efficiency with a brand-new model compared to one three or four years old.

When you buy a copier, you'll need to stick with what you have or else go through the exhaustive selling process if you want to get a new copier with the latest features. When you lease, you can simply trade your old copier in for a brand-new model when the lease term expires. Since those terms are usually just a couple of years, you'll never be left too far behind.

3. Enjoy Dependable Servicing

If your photocopier breaks down, it's unlikely that anyone in your office is going to be able to fix it, unless it's just a simple paper jam. When you purchase a photocopier outright, you're responsible for all repair work and maintenance. When you lease, repairs are generally covered by the agreement, and you'll simply have to call up the company you leased from and explain the situation to have them send a repair professional directly.