How to Avoid Danger When Roaming the Streets With Headphones

When the iPod was released in 2001, the revolution of the digital music revolution was in full swing. Apple's genius idea to include white headphones was an easy way of showing your brand loyalty and affinity for the iPod. However, there was a dark side the new trend. Due to Apple's products being expensive and capable of holding their value in the second-hand market (including the black market), people wearing white Apple headphones suddenly became targets for opportunistic thieves. [Read More]

Want a Security System That Can Actually Recognise You?

The very concept of home security systems is rapidly changing as technology improves their efficiency. While the traditional monitored home alarm system is still effective, there are other, more advanced ways to protect your home. What about a type of system that can detect when someone actually enters your home? And not only that, but it can also know who that someone is. A facial recognition system is easy to install and set up. [Read More]

How Various Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Whiteboards

Whiteboards have transformed the way people communicate; you can take teaching to a higher level, you can brainstorm and craft without prohibition and change your mind in a couple of minutes. Having said that, the mobile whiteboard allows you to take your ideas while on the go. In this regard, let's look at a number of creative ways one can use a mobile whiteboard. Fashion design One of the great ways to achieve a competitive edge in the fashion business is to ensure you are using the most effective design instruments. [Read More]